Thursday, January 20, 2011


I was emotionally moved by something today. It actually brought me to tears, which doesn’t happen to me often.

(this video contains the f-word)

I don't know literally how many girls have felt this way in their lives, but I know I am one of them. Feeling like it's always your fault, you can never do anything right, no one really cares if you are around or not, your fat and ugly, you might as well be dead.

What young girls don’t realize, which is sad, is that they are beautiful. Girls make the world go round. Their may be more male world leaders than women, but without the support, caring and dare I say nagging of the women around them, they would never have gotten there.

Women populate the planet. We make it a beautiful place. We instill feeling, caring and peace into our children. We cook, clean and do laundry, we design spacecrafts, run cities, win medals, write books, develop new medical procedures and the hardest of all… we support men in all of these efforts, a lot of the time not getting that support back.

The worst part is that during all of this, somehow women feel the need to beat each other down; emotionally, physically, and mentally. We are our worst enemies.

I truly believe that if all of the women in the world stopped picking on each other for the kind of shoes and jeans we are wearing, where we live, and how our hair is done, and started concentrating those 4-10 hours spent in a multitude of "women only" gyms on curing disease, world poverty, homelessness and hunger, the world would be a much better place.

I have this amazing little girl. She is smart. She has a bit of an 80's rocker girl style she rocks. She has a quirky sense of humor. She is amazing. In my eyes, she is F#*~ing perfect!

I constantly look at her and pray silently that she never has to feel how I felt growing up. No one should ever have to feel invisible and pointless. I try to make sure to tell her that it's ok to be just you, even if ignorant people in school tell you its not. School is not your whole life, it's just the beginning.

Please all you out there who in any way have anything to do with raising a child, make sure they know that they are loved and special! It’s the best thing you could ever do for them