Sunday, July 25, 2010

A great time... a.k.a.: enjoying whats in front of you

I have been admittedly crankly lately for numerous different reasons.

I have been unable to realize the small joys in front of my face and have instead been dwelling on the negative. For example: instead of recognizing that my grandparents are some amazing 73+ yr old people that are still capable of standing up for themselves and working like they are 43, I have been dwelling on the fact that they still work 5+ days a week, harder than most people, and are still expected to work another thing that they really don't want to (by no fault of their own, mind you).
What I have been missing out on is something I was reminded of today. I spent a lot of my time today working with my grandma in the kitchen. This was amazing! It took me back to when I was a child. I sure do miss spending that time with my grandma, helping her that way but this time I was doing most of the running up and down the stairs, wrangling kids out of the kitchen, running out to the BBQ because as I stated before she is getting older, but she is still amazing!

My grandparents are absolutely amazing!

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  1. They most certainly are. We have to be so thankful for their love and what they have taught us. I appreciate them now more than ever...just like you I guess