Monday, August 23, 2010


So I was left with a thought this long weekend (mine, not everyone else's):
Is stress really such a bad thing??

Our society has become so obsessed with stress and the negative effects it has on people, but seldom are the positive things mentioned. I know that seems more than absurd to most people, but if you really think about it, there are definitely positive benefits of stress.

One, is that is makes people push themselves. Take, for instance, my example: All of a sudden, its no longer 3 months till my wedding, it is MUCH closer to 2 months! Holy stress! No invitations are sent yet! That stress made me push myself, including a quick trip to Abby to get some necessities from Michael's and 2 nights of being up past 1am to finish them, but at least now I am done!

Two, it forces us to take what we deserve. In my case, I need affection, I get stressed when I don't get it. I have learned in this relationship, that while as the "amazing man" told me yesterday "you are my life!", I need for him to say things like that more... maybe I am more of a girl than I thought, lol. All it seems to take is a little nudge from me and he picks up on that. My son is the exact same as his father, so I literally have to tell him to hug me, but it works nicely because he is more than happy to MOST times.

Three, moderate amounts of stress are healthy. A moderate amount would be what you personally can cope with on a day to day basis. I find that if I am not stressed at all going into a situation, I feel completely unprepared, and if I let myself get overstressed, then I just feel nauseous! There is the right amount, that little bit that lets you know as much as you can about the unexpected!

I have definitely been more stressed as of late, what with my grandma being in the hospital, missing my daughter, having to figure out what to do with my wedding dress, and on and on. However, instead of having any negative effects on me, I think it has helped me. I was totally prepared to be going to the hospital everyday, three times a day for months if need be, but grandma is home now, and a lot more comfortable. My little girl will be home in 2 weeks!! YAY! My dress can be fixed! YAY!!! Wedding stuff is all falling together nicely :) 

So, I am actually kinda happy to say that I am slightly stressed. It means I am striving for more, taking what I deserve, and being prepared for whatever is thrown at me.

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