Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On the track to fabulous!

I have been working hard for the last 7 months to take of an extreme amount of weight, and have been succeeding.

There came this point where I all of a sudden came to a crazy realization... how can I be a role model to my kids when I look and feel this way? I have a steady job, and am pretty level-headed but I was over 100lbs overweight, tired, crabby and on an emotional eating roller-coaster because of it.

I started seeing little things in regards to how my daughter was responding to me. She didnt' want me to get out of the car when I would take her to, or pick her up from school or a friends house. That was an instant realization to me that my daughter was ashamed of me.... and it hurt. Not that I can blame her. My son would get upset that mommy couldn't chase him around the playground for tag... that upset me as well.

I sat down a little while ago and watched some old home movies and had to leave the room almost in tears. Ya know, I always found it weird how the contestants on the "Biggest Loser" would say, "I never knew I was that big", until it happened to me. There I was, on the screen, HUGE! What happened to me? How could I let myself get this way?

So I started thinking back. Gaining 83lbs pregnant with my son didnt' help, but the 20 after that was all my fault. Daily trips to any number of fast food places, probably not a good idea. I looked in the cupboards at home and in the fridge. I actually threw out a ton of food that none of us needed.

A few things I have learned:
  • You will actually feel fuller longer if you eat healthy! Its not the portion size, but the type of food. Eating a big mac and fries may fill you up for the time being, but your tummy will not really appreciate it. A Grilled Chicken sandwich with a salad on the side will give you more useful energy and keep you going instead of make you feel lethargic.
  • DON'T DRINK YOUR CALORIES!! This one is huge!!!Water, diet pop, coffee, tea, whatever the case may be is always better than a small can of coke for 120 calories!
  • You must drink water to lose weight. This is probably the most important one. I can stick to proper eating, get exercise and think I am doing amazing, but if I haven't drank all my water, even for 1 day, the scale will not budge. Sometimes its very hard to do, but necessary.
  • Learn to enjoy the little things (watch portion sizes)- most pre-packaged items are actually double or even quadruple the recommended portion size is. There is no need to eat an entire box of macaroni, a quarter of it would suffice, just add a salad, or carrot and celery sticks.
  • Not all fat is bad fat- real vegetable oils are good for you in moderation. Real fats are good, like the ones that come from nuts.
Since then, I have lost 84lbs and am on the right track to being fabulous again. I have had friends and family as support, and have seen a difference in my families moods and health since I have changed the way I cook. My son and daughter are more than happy to help me dress like a "beautiful mommy" as my son would put it and really enjoy doing things like going swimming, hiking, walking the dogs, or running around the playground.

The best part is showing my daughter, who is constantly inundated with images in the media and in person, that there is a way to be healthy, while enjoying your life and being who you are. Its nice to be able to answer the question "Where did you go?" with "Far far away, never to return".

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  1. You should be SO SO proud!!!! :) Huge accomplishment!