Friday, February 25, 2011

Letting go

The saying goes "If you love something, let it go...." well, we all know the saying, but does it make sense?

I recently let go of someone in my life that had been there for a LONG time. A friend, confidant, shoulder, co-conspirator, accomplice and so much more. This has been a hard life lesson and a lesson in self control.

It happens very often where I almost pick up the phone, or I do pick up the phone and dial all but 1 number before hanging up, putting it down and staring at it. Why do I do that?

Am I wanting to deal with everything that finally led up to that decision? No
Am I wanting to have to explain, again, what hurt me so much to make that my only option? No, nor do I feel I should have to.

"People are around for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you figure out which it is, you will know what to do."

So what if the person you thought would be around for a lifetime, turns into a season, whether that be an actual season, or a "season" in your life, like 20 years. How do you deal with losing that person, even if it was ultimately your decision?

That is unfortunately where I am stuck...
When does it become alright again?
When does that void get filled?
Can everything be forgiven AND forgotten?
Can that relationship be mended?                                            Nope, I dont think so

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