Thursday, May 5, 2011

Building memories

I have come to a decision.

I am going to do my absolute best to make sure that my kids have amazing memories of their childhood.

I have some amazing childhood memories; most of them with my grandparents. They did everything they could to make sure that they built memories for us to treasure throughout our lives. I remember trips to Playland, Wonderland, Flintstone Park, Cultus Lake, the Zoo, the Aquarium, and a multitude of other places.

One of the memories I have of going to these places is the coolers of food my grandma would bring. It was so fun for all of us to get in the kitchen the day before the big trip and start the assembly line. Peeling eggs and chopping potatoes for egg salad, making sandwiches, packing fruit and drinks, snacks and anything else my grandma came up with for the day.

Then came the anticipation… all of us unable to sleep because of the excitement.
Morning finally coming and everyone jumping out of bed to eat breakfast and get all packed into the car and off we went.

It’s that excitement that I want my kids to have. It’s those memories and those moments to share later in life. I want them to be able to say “I had a great childhood” and have the memories to back it up

That’s my goal

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