Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feeling the need

So for today, even though I woke up in the worst way possible (migraine), I am trying to look at it in a positive light.

My son listened to every word said to him this morning and even kissed my forehead to attempt to "kiss it better" before he walked out the door with his dad and off for another day at daycare.

I got the knowing look over his shoulder as my man followed him out the door that said "I love you, feel better".

I arrived at work with painkillers and breakfast in hand and after a few hours I am feeling quite a bit better (I can actually turn my head now).

Work wise, the day is off to an interesting start, but everything seems to be falling into place nicely.

I will write more as the day proceeds.

So, its now almost 2pm and I am done with this day! Stupid question after stupid question and I am done.
This headache is not going away and only seems to be getting worse. I am really looking forward to bed tonight.

On a lighter note, I am really looking forward to the wedding and cannot believe it is in 107 days! It seems to be coming so quickly! Very cool. Mom and I made some choices last weekend on color and decoration and I think it will be wonderful!

I am really missing my little girl who is with her dad for the majority of the summer. It will be fun to do more wedding stuff with her when she gets back!

About to make dinner and thought I would just letcha know that my headache is gone, my son is playing a game, my hunny is still at work and the kitchen is clean. Not a bad end to a not so good day.

Chat to you soon!

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