Friday, August 6, 2010

A Day of Days

So this was my day:
I woke up at 7 when the alarm went off and woke up the amazing man to go to work, rolled over and went back to sleep. Woke up again and hour and a half later and he was still beside me. Got him up and off to work and called my Grandma who has been sick for a few days.
  • Report: still no good, didnt sleep at all. In immense pain and can barely move.
  • Great!!! (sarcastic)
  • Laid in bed for about 10 minutes and my mom called. Stated that instead of going to Vancouver today to get my wedding dress fixed (refer to previous post), we will be escorting my grandma to the ER
  • Great!! (sarcastic)
  • Got dressed, quickly.
  • Into the car, quickly.
  • Empty tank, got gas, quickly.
  • Picked up my son from one grandma and dropped him to another.
  • Heading to the hospital and get a call that there is water pouring out of my condo into the one below me
  • Great!! (sarcastic)
  • Sped home, quickly.
  • Turned off the water to the toilet, quickly
  • Soped up all the water, quickly
  • Ran downstairs to see the extent of the damage, not much at all actually
  • Great!! serious!! thats great!
  • Changed out of my now soaked clothes, quickly
  • Sped to the hospital, quickly.
  • Sat in the waiting room for a while looking at my grandma who was in obvious amounts of pain
  • Definately NOT great. She gets taken in
  • Waiting...
  • Waiting...
  • Wating...
  • Tests done yesterday came back, could be liver, redoing tests as they were "inconclusive"
  • Great!!! (sarcastic)
  • ate some food, quickly
  • She was put on an IV and we were kicked out for about an hour so she could rest. Took Grandpa to get some food
  • Stressed about my condo
  • Back to the emerg
  • She is now in the acute care ward, morphene drip and still in mass pain, they still dont know why
  • Great!! (sarcastic)
  • Get overwhelmed and have to leave. Go to find her flannel PJ's to keep her warm. Hunt and hunt. Can only find soft sweats. Good enough!
  • Back to hospital, quickly
  • Waiting...
  • waiting...
  • waiting...
  • Leave the room cause she is convulsing with pain
  • Take grandpa to his house to get her favorite housecoat (aka- get him away from there for 20 minutes)
  • Watch him break down... cry some more myself
  • Back to the hospital, quickly
  • Great Aunt shows up, visit with Grandma, then she tells us all to leave for a while
  • Go to Timmy's, quickly
  • Back to the hospital
  • Decide I should leave and maybe see my son a little bit
  • Leave the hospital and remember that my cousin is trying to set up for her wedding tomorrow.
  • Go to G&G's house to get more stuff, hurt my arm, and head to the hall, quickly
  • Help for a while, realize how stressed my poor cousin is, and go get my son to play with hers
  • Decorate...
  • decorate...
  • decorate...
  • Leave, not quickly at all
  • Head to Wendy's for some chili for dinner at 11:00pm
  • Now home

Boy do I wish we would have gone to Van!!!

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