Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So life has become a distinct routine
• Wake up
• Go to work
• Go to the hospital at lunch
• Back to work
• Home
• Dinner
• Back to the hospital
• Home
• Do it all again

The issues with my grandma are at a constant fluctuation. One day she is feeling better, the next nothing will stay down. I am emotionally exhausted.

Now my Aunt seems to be very sick as well. We are all at a loss and totally tired.

Quickly though, if any of you are wondering, still don’t know what to do about my wedding dress, have to get the "amazing man" something to wear, as well as the kids. Other than that I think the wedding stuff is basically done.

Life is a little crazy right now, so this will be my last blog for a little while until I have something else to talk about.

For all of you reading, thanks for caring and like I previously stated on my Facebook,
Please anyone who believes in anything, pray for my grandma, and now Aunt

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