Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just livin life

   So I know that my blogging has slowed, but I am realizing that is probably a good thing, considering what the intention of this was to be a place for me to talk out my viewpoints on all those things that drive us to the point of losing it on a daily basis.
   So, while I still succumb to these urges occasionally, I have managed to do a flip around to the "lighter side of the news" I guess you could say.
   For quite a while there, all that would come out of my mind or my mouth seemed to be negative. Almost like a verbal diarrhea of negativity. Now, I seem to be focusing much more on everything that is making me happy on a daily basis, and I have to say that this blog, writing down all that stuff, has made me realize more-so that I am not appreciating what I have. Kind of a "practice what you preach" scenario a little bit. This is something that I am constantly telling people around me. "Look on the bright side though..." and now I seemed to have learned how to take my own advice.

Lets break it down:

WEDDING! So, there is only 58 days till my wedding. I finally got my hair done, and it looks amazing if I must say so myself. Was definitely the talk of the salon for at least that day if not longer. Going from orangy blonde to ashy-golden blond with bright red and black streaks was a real stretch for a salon where 95% of the coloring is all the women wanting to be blonde, lol. Good times. We have almost everything we need for the reception. I went and got the marriage license which made everything much more real. My Amazing Man's mom took him out and got him his suit for the wedding and he is going to look.. well, amazing. My son is set with his tux and now all that is left is my daughter.... dress shopping it is!!

Home life... this one is interesting. I love my home life. I just don't love my home which makes it hard to want to be there at all. Slooooowly working on getting out of there into something we can all be happy with, but that will take time.

Kids... They are both in full-time school now! My son is in all day kindergarten and seems to be loving it. Awesome! The other night I looked at my daughter and said "are you in Gr.5 now??" Geez, that just doesn't seem right! I can't be that old already can I? I still vividly remember grade 5! Wow.  See, I have been worried about my daughter coming home after a long stretch (2 months) of being with her dad. We have a volatile relationship and I think its just because we communicate in different ways. I have a logical thought process where hers are based on emotion. Since she got home, I have been trying my absolute best to understand how she is feeling about things like school, wedding, friends, siblings and such, but when all you get is a crying "I don't know how I feel", then what?!?! Well, we actually had a talk the other night and we both eased up a little I think. It was good and I feel like my daughter is starting her Gr.5 year in a pretty good place emotionally. She's a great kid, a caring person, and a total intellectual. Not only that, but I think she will be amazing at guitar!!

Love life... well, I seem to have found the guy that I need. He is a rock for me and when I think of him all I think is the word "safe". After sooo many years of never feeling that way, its so amazing that just one person can give me that. He is my other half. He is that calm, soft spoken side of me that I never knew existed. He can take me out of any crazy moment with a soft touch on my hand or a simple smile can make my tears dry up. One in a million!

So it looks like my life is slowly turning into all that I always wished it would.

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