Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My day today

Today started as per usual, after the 3rd alarm I finally crawled my butt outta bed, woke both the kids and let the dogs out of the kennel.

 After the normal routine we left to get the kids to school and then off to work I went. We had a course held at work today so we had 50+ people through the office. The day went basically the same as every other day except for the time after work.

Today I got to visit an old friend in Agassiz to get my hair done. She brought up a good point after I said it takes barely 20 min to get to her house.
"It only takes that time and we see each other MAYBE twice a year".

  Isn't it funny how when we are teenagers, friends are the MOST important thing in our lives? As we get older our priorities change. For some it's school, for others it's work and for others its family. Whatever those things, we become busy and seldom see those people that were the most important part of our lives.

  I think it's a pretty easy way to tell if you have actually grown up or not.

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