Friday, December 16, 2011

Trying something new

So, after seeing all the yummy flavored vodka's while we were in the states for our anniversary I decided to give it a shot making my own seeing as we don't have all those yummy flavors here.

At home right now I have 2 jars of vodka that is infusing with marshmallow and coffee. I am quite excited to see what they turn out like.

Its a pretty basic process. Simply find a air-tight container (not plastic) and pick the flavor you would like. As I mentioned, I am doing one marshmallow and one coffee. Simply put some of whatever flavor you would like into the jar and fill with the vodka, close and give it a vigorous shake for 30 seconds.

Store in a cool place such as a cupboard or fridge. A few times a day, give it another shake. The amount of time you leave the flavoring in depends on how much flavor you would like. Simply open after 24hrs and take a small amount as a sample.

Once it is at the desired infusion, you have to strain the mixture. You can use a tea strainer with cheese cloth or a coffee filter. This may need to be done a few times depending on how much granules are left in the liquid, but the more you strain, the more flavor you run the risk of losing.

Once strained, store in a clean air-tight container such as a mason jar or flask and make sure to label it.

I plan on trying a caramel, and possibly a vanilla one next.

~Have fun trying it yourself!~

Merry Christmas Everyone!

PS- 8 days till Christmas :)

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