Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All said and done aka- a little update

Well, the last presants were opened, the last large meal was been cooked and the last of the family gatherings were attended for the year 2011.

Another fabulous Christmas season has come and gone. I cooked my first full turkey dinner, and had 3 other great meals in a span of 3 days. I believe that I gained upwards of 12 pounds in December (and I enjoyed every minute of it).

We enjoyed 3 trays of jello shots and a TON of food with the inlaws for New Years.

We are all back to the grind of work and very much out of the holidy season feeling, despite the fact that I have yet to take down all my decorations. The way I figure is if my real tree is still green and pretty, it can stay up. Christmas is so fleeting, I like to enjoy it as long as possible.

After a pretty crazy week of winter it seems like we just have a lot of rain on the horizon. The kids are back into school. Reece is doing amazingly well in Kindergarten reading at a Grade 1 level. Syd is right back into sports and loving it.

Like the title says, just a little update

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