Thursday, May 24, 2012

Its been a while

So, having not posted something in a while, I'm not quite clear where to start.

Life is a little hectic right now. Our place is currently listed for sale and the constant necessity to have it spotless is insane.
Same routine every morning: Get everyone up to get ready then make them clean up their rooms, I wipe down both bathrooms and the kitchen, turn on the dishwasher with the newly dirtied breakfast dishes in it, take out the garbage and recycling on the way out and sometimes even vacuum.

Each day it is a hope that my Realtor will call me to say that we have a showing and that person will buy our place. I need a place for my dogs to play outside and for my kids to play outside and have a recroom. We all need somewhere to go other than our rooms or the living room.
I can't wait to move.

My G&G's house is sold. They will be moving near the end of July. That crushed me. The only consistent house I have ever had is going to someone else. I think that is super hard on me cause of the amount I have moved in my life.

My goal now is to find that place. I want the house that the family comes to for Christmas and Easter and BBQ's. The place where anyone is welcome when they need a place to stay for the night or a weekend. My grandma has been still doing this for the last few years when that torch should have already passed to the next generation.

My daughter is leaving elementary school for middle school.... I feel old! She is growing up so fast and its freaking me out. She is an amazing kid with a huge heart and I don't want her to grow up yet.

Life seems to be moving at such a breakneck speed in some aspects and so incredible slow in others. I'm kinda feeling like I am being pulled around.... not fun!

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